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Everyone should know that we are not taking advantage of the federation for help, because this is neither fair nor acceptable.” He was referring to any maneuver or objection from the central rule or any other Syrian party.

Dibo said that there is no intention to engage in new battles with any Syrian party.

But the US opposes the establishment of areas under a semi-independent rule threatening Syrian unity. The US does not back the federal system in Syria, unless the Syrian people are all for it.” The Kurdish self-rule administration, Rojava, is comprised of three cantons: Al-Jazira canton that includes Qamishli and Hasakah, Kobani canton that includes Ain al-Arab and Tell Abyad, and Afrin canton that includes Afrin and Shahba.

Iraqi Kurdistan's independence referendum has been echoing in Kurdish circles in northern Syria due to nationalistic ties and shared feelings.

Kurdish parties are preparing to form a united delegation to negotiate with the Damascus government the formation of a federal state across Syria.

He is the founder and editor of the Syrian Investigations Unit and former editor for

Bassiki's investigative articles for Arab and international media outlets cover the Syrian conflict and its impacts such as corruption, human rights violations and the economy.

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