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\ Is ■ tense fielded 84 plays, 31 more than Washington. To the amazement of the ASU community, the Sun Devils experienced a shut out game. F Trying to shake off the opposition , senior defensive end Saute Sapolu fights to break through the Washington offensive line. He led ASU in assists with 129, an average of 4.4 a game.The defense helped secure the win with an interception by free safety Nathan La Duke at ASU's 11. Tingstead proved his worth once again with 19 tackles, 16 un- assisted.$ LESLIE ANDERSON Tripped up on the tackle , a Washington playe is dragged down by sophomore strong safety Nathan La Duke . Photo by Brian O'Mahoney life D eftly stepping over quickguard Doug Larson, ASU tailback Bruce Perkins races towards the goal with fellow Sun Devil blocking a Illinois defensive player. IP*^- ■VV; Mark Tingstad was the Sun Devils most val- uable player for the 1988 season.

The first points came from tailback Victor Cahoon in the first quarter.

Sophomore quarter- back Paul Justin fired up the nonexistant offense of the Washington game with 22 of 34 passes for 321 yards and no inter- ceptions.

The defense held up well as they kept Timm Rosenbach, the nation's passing efficiency lead- er, to under 200 yards for the first time this season.

4 ■ : • J 4 * *\ ^ \ •I psa / YUE [email protected] Wl oing for the kill , senior Debbie Lynch hurls the ball toward the Oregon State court.

"I feel like they de- served it" reported the Phoenix Ga- zette.

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