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Over time, these ancient fossils were transformed into energy-rich molecules of hydrogen and carbon, or hydrocarbons, that are refined into gasoline. There's about 170,000 gas stations in the country now, so we have a very established infrastructure of internal combustion engine that everybody knows and loves in their vehicles today.

But they're not going to start investing in making the fuel available unless they have a commitment from Ford and the other companies that they're going to.... And they go to the local gas station and they fill up their gas tank. We have a fueling infrastructure of gasoline that was built over the course of many decades.

Power plants harness this geothermal energy to generate electricity that can be used to make hydrogen.

You know, geothermal and hydro is Iceland's oil, actually.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but doesn't exist in pure form.

It's made by splitting water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, and that takes energy.

Some critics claim it takes more energy to make ethanol than you get out of it, while others caution that we can never grow enough corn to meet demands.

And it has been paid off a long time ago, and it is delivering gasoline very cheaply.

So to deliver an alternative fuel other than gasoline is no mean feat.

Iceland has a thousand times fewer people and cars than the U. In the meantime, a small fleet of buses has been warming the population to the new technology. But at the world's first public hydrogen fueling station, it's stored safely in pressurized tanks. Pressurized hydrogen is pumped into storage tanks on the roof of the bus, where it's combined with oxygen in layers of thin membranes called fuel cells.

Hydrogen atoms are broken apart, releasing electrons that flow through a circuit, providing electricity that propels the bus. There's been a lot of progress in the technology, but hydrogen vehicles are not anywhere near ready for the market yet.

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