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This footage has been processed into a short sample for 3d projection. The Viking Ship Museum has applied several 3-D methodologies for working with Viking-Age archaeological ship finds.

In this paper, the various methodologies applied in these examples are presented in detail and their advantages in all stages of research are discussed. Essential pivots, such as the defining features for specific shipbuilding traditions and the conceptual approaches to shipbuilding, have been, and still are, debated. Olgierd Felczak (ed.), The Baltic Sea – a Mediterranean of North Europe.

In July, iron smelter Mads Jylov carried out four smelting experiments at the boatyard.

The resulting iron was then used by Jonas Bigler to produce rivets for the Gislinge Boat.

This paper briefly presents the huge research potential of the wrecks and objects discovered; the methodology employed and patterns in the chronological and spatial distribution of the finds will be discussed.

Are all these wrecks, of these particular dates, really representative of the entire surrounding seabed?

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