Dating france muslim divorces

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not forgetting all those psychologist and caviste bills. criticise the French or anything French-related for the entire duration of my marriage.

Any negative remarks touching on anything from the French education system to the price and quality of a cup of tea will be mentally recorded and used against you in the divorce court. avoid trying to get divorced in December, February, April, May, June, July and August.

He now organises special events for converts, Muslims over 40s, students, converts, professionals, Asian, Arabs, Bangladeshi…and with the rapidly growing presence of the French, now special events have been launched for them too.

The event of today is dedicated to this new sub-category and gathers together a wide variety of ‘francophones’: Two brothers from Mauritius, a Senegalese man (the only black visitor) and a majority of British and French of North African origin.

Fear not, this isn't yet another article about Brexit, messy as that looks likely to be. You may have got married in the UK (and therefore under the separation of property system) but, as you'll be far too busy singing La Vie en Rose and dreaming of shopping in Le Bonpoint to notice, after living for three years in France, you'll automatically come under the French community of property system.

And waving a British marriage certificate at the family affairs judge won't get you your money back. This means that, even if you've been separated for years, in the eyes of the law you're required to remain faithful to your estranged wife or husband.Just remember that "Made in France" is all the rage at the moment … Heard of the expression "kick you when you're down"?Then get ready to hand over most of your savings to cover divorce taxes, stamp duties, solicitor and lawyer fees …For extreme cases only but you can't say I didn't warn you. at a time when so much effort is being put into putting them back up all around us.Divorcing in France is the subject of "French for Divorce: Game on/Faites vos jeux" by Carys M. Follow on Facebook here, or find the book on Amazon here.

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