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Roland and Cassandra bond over their shared skepticism.Mary finds out that she's not due to give birth until after her high school graduation and decides to hide her condition from her friends and family until then.Mary’s "perfect Christian boyfriend" Dean Withers (Chad Faust) tells her, as they’re swimming underwater, that he thinks he's gay.In her shock, Mary hits her head in the pool and has a vision in which Jesus tells her that she must do everything she can to help Dean.The next day, someone vandalizes the school with graffiti.Mary and Cassandra are initially the prime suspects, and to their shock the spray cans are found in their lockers.

Later that day, Roland and Cassandra get their hands on a picture of a younger, much heavier, and much more awkward Hilary Faye and load it onto the desktop of every computer in the school.

They cut school with Roland, and the three of them become good friends.

When they run into Patrick and Hilary at the mall, Cassandra distracts Hilary (pretending she wants to be converted) while Patrick and Mary sneak away and Patrick confesses his feelings for Mary.

Mary tells her friends, as well as Hilary's brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin), who uses a wheelchair, about Dean's homosexuality, and makes them promise to keep it a secret.

When they arrive at school, they see Cassandra Edelstein (Eva Amurri), the school's only Jewish student and a rebel who despises Hilary.

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