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From what we can tell, this Titan’s appearance is enough to make any Viking turn around and run the opposite way.

So do you have the courage to train one of your own? Hide School of Dragons v.2.6 has arrived, delivering the 5th in our series of exciting and interactive expansion packs!

As Hiccup turns his attention to the responsibilities of becoming Berk’s Chief, he is now looking to the Dragon Trainers on Berk to take the lead on this larger-than-life adventure.However, when trouble hits Dragon’s Edge, Vikings must use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to join forces with Dagur in the hopes of unmasking the cause of the surprise attacks and discover who exactly is behind them.But don’t just take our word for it, don your best battle gear and #Brave The Storm as you: A new Titan Dragon has burrowed its way to the grounds of the school while searching for safety, and now Vikings can continue along with their training by bonding with their very own Titan Sand Wraith!The original game in the series, renamed Dragon Warrior outside Japan, was released in 1986 in Japan and 1989 in North America.Dragon Quest games are released in Japan and, until 2004's Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, were later localized for the North American market under the Dragon Warrior title.

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