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'before.., you..' The two slowed down to walking speed, then trudged for a short distance before slowing down to a crawl and crash another moment later against a thick tree on the side of the path. 'There..' He gestured with a tired swing from his arm. Before others catch up.., and see us..' Tobias nodded in agreement and leaning against each other they staggered forward, overlooking the sign they had just passed that warned about the dangers in the forest in the direction of the red arrows, and the green arrow from the marathon route just in front of it that pointed to the path to the right. 'It's always simply follow the arrows.' He grinned. 'You know, I had expected to see at least some people along the route.' 'Afraid to run the track alone? :-p But I expected to do a revision of volume 2 after it had been out for a while anyway so maybe I can fix it in rewrite.

They tried to catch their breath and ignore the numbness in their legs for a while before Guy had the energy to see where they were. 'Arrow..' Guy saw the red arrow on a short pole a little further and nodded. It took a while but eventually both Tobias and Guy regained their normal running speed and called a truce. 'There.' said Tobias and nodded towards a red arrow. ' asked Guy when he saw it was a small path leading into a darker part of the forest. 'Maybe they decided to make it more interesting and add in a little cross country? 'If this is too much for you you can always give up and wait for the rest.' 'You wish! The path ended up at a clearing next to a low hill and they slowed down for a moment. Although it's a bit more difficult for the events in this episode.

The (perceived) difference in overall size alone would make for some interesting physical contortions and configurations.

A little more show, a little less tell would be nice, but as I said, I find I've enjoyed your story as it is.

' 'Okay then.' Guy said and ran up the path after Tobias. You know, I actually wonder how Ara and Guy do it myself. Since her humanoid upper body is the same size for an average woman I think it's not as difficult as one might think. And I wouldn't be so sure she doesn't "eat" him after sex.

The path went right and left through the trees, was flanked with thorny bushes at one point and they had to duck a few times to avoid low hanging branches. :-p I feel that certain things could be fleshed out better -- descriptions of the girls and the surroundings, for one -- but overall it's an easy and enjoyable read.

' Cani shouted after him as he jogged out of the gate. 'You're already a bad example because you got yourself intimately involved with five other species already.' He looked at her with wide eyes. 'So you'd better make up for that and prove your man's worth by winning.' she said and gave him a kiss. ' Guy tried to think of something to chase the bear away with, or distract it with, but all he could imagine for that to work was food. 'If we do come across other signs or we see people we can always ask.' Guy nodded. The path went along the side of a hill and they had a nice view of an open area beneath them while their feet got some rest with the softer ground they now ran on. 'I'll bet you feel sore.' he said, pretending to yawn as an excuse for his strained voice. 'No problems at all.' he said, forcing a smile through his agony.

'Let's go sign Guy up.' Cani said and walked inside with Natalie, discussing what they'd need to get ready. 'You certainly know how to stir things up.' said Mami as she handed him his water bottle at the runners tent near the start of the marathon course. 'Not something an unwilling person would do.' 'I can't very well slack off now, can I? 'It's become a major publicity event, and I can't set a bad example for humans.' Mami nodded. 'Let's just follow them for now anyway.' Tobias said. Staying here won't help us.' The guys picked up the pace and even felt more confident after running a while without getting into another weird situation. 'Yesterday's run was nothing I'm not used to.' He clenched his jaw to hide the wave of aching shooting through his body.

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