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Not just for couples with young kids who need a night away from the hubbub, or newlywed couples, or those who are struggling.

Date night is an essential because couples in all states and stages need quality one-on-one time.

A Some admit they're waiting for the other to initiate it.

These same brain circuits are the ones that "light up" in the early stages of romantic love.

Date night is a chance to look across the table and see the person you married, the one you fell in love with, not the person who left the bed unmade or forgot to take out the trash. Your favorite old t-shirt with the torn sleeve was not your first choice of attire. It's a Break From "Doing" Simply put, date night is about Date night offers a needed break from the demands of everyday life. Yes, some people say that time away from family or kids is hard to come by and you need to grab any opportunity you have.

Unless you're going on a hike together or taking a yoga class, I suggest you dress up. It's a time to set aside your to-do list and focus on each other. I say, set the hard work of marriage aside and take time to invest in the good.

As a client once said: "Date night is cheaper than therapy, cheaper than divorce, and a whole lot more fun." I couldn't agree more, which is why I regularly suggest date night and make it a priority in my own marriage. It's an Opportunity for Romance There's a big difference between going out for the evening and going out on a date.

Date night is a night out with your you make of your time together, whatever you do.

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