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We can’t have a decent conversation because it ends up in a fight. I suggested counselling but she says it’s me who needs it.Tell her you are worried about your marriage and the tension between you is upsetting your children, who could suffer lasting damage.Try the Asian Family Counselling Service (, 020 8571 3933). Get support from Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity (uk, 08).I AM desperate for another baby but I’m 36 and feel time and fate are against me. I couldn’t handle it and my relationship ended soon afterwards. Then at 22 weeks, I collapsed with stomach pains and was rushed to hospital. Now, as an adult, you are desperately searching for love and approval. If you can break this destructive cycle, you will give yourself a chance to find a stable, loving relationship, which includes great sex. will help you understand your behaviour and how to change it.The new guy may be right for you but take things slowly. You can find support to recover from your father’s abuse through the National Association For People Abused In Childhood (uk, 08). But if she’s determined not to change, and being faithful matters to you, do not settle for anything less.Deadly craic, that's gas, cop on to yourself, get the shift, yer man's a ride, yer one's a wagon, bang off that...7. If she invites you to a family wedding, prepare to meet all 47 of her first cousins. She may cry when she's hungover and can't get her hands on chicken fillet rolls/Superquinn sausages/Supermacs/Tayto/Club Orange.18.You don't really know her until you understand that notions are the worst possible thing to have.8. If you get her drunk enough, she'll teach you Irish dancing (Michael Flatley eat your heart out).19.

They are getting fed up with me and I don’t feel proud of the way I am behaving. I met another guy and we were together for six months.If she calls you a ride, take it as a massive compliment.6.She has some of the best slang ever, even if you have no idea what it means. Even if she's not into sport, put her in front of an Ireland rugby or football match and she turns into a super fan.15. Sunday afternoons in the summer will be spent watching GAA with her.17.Then I discovered he was on a no-strings sex site, so I joined to find out what he was doing. I like him a lot and he seems really interested in me but I am scared that if we get together, I’ll ruin everything by going off the rails again.It turned out he was seeing other people behind my back, so I broke up with him. You did not feel loved or good about yourself when you were growing up.

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