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' — while the contestant said seeing them together kind of shows me that nothing really is impossible at this moment.''Seeing him and my mama interact…

He even called out Alicia to 'scream' during the song, with Blake joking afterward: 'It got so good I was watching Alicia to see if she really was gonna combust.''I might have made a mistake when I said this guy wasn't a pop star,' his excited coach Adam said after the performance, standing to get more applause from the audience.'Dude, you are a superstar, and tonight it culminated because you are just the most talented dude in this competition. Jesse had taken his stepmother Connie to meet Adam during rehearsals, laughing as he recalled: 'She was a little nervous, I calmed her down saying, ''It's no big deal, it's only Adam Levine''.'Adam told her how proud he was of Jesse, adding: 'I feel a certain sense of pride because no one turned apart from me, which shocks me.'They're the idiots, we're the smart ones,' he told Connie.I want to walk away from watching you saying, ''Lauren absolutely made it her own''.'After thanking her, Wynonna told her: 'You are welcome, now go out there and kick butt, sister!'Her mother had joked that she was 'just some lady off the street,' but when she called Blake 'Mr Wonderful' during rehearsals the star said: 'Wow — I love her!''My mom has been the biggest believer in my dreams,' Lauren said.'She said if you don't try this you're going to kick yourself for the rest of your life.'When Lauren then told Blake that she felt 'super blessed that you have been my coach,' he quipped: 'Well now you know that I should be your manager, and producer, and booking agent.'After her performance, Gwen was also a little too eager to praise her boyfriend.'Wow, you are like a living country Barbie doll with a guitar,' Gwen had told Lauren, before adding: 'You are so beautiful tonight, and Blake you are such a good coach.''OK — OK,' Adam interrupted her with a sigh.Blake admitted his contestant 'had confidence issues' at the start of the season, but claimed: 'I am here to tell you that you are the missing piece in country music right now.'Gwen also admitted that she and Blake talk about contestants when they are off the clock, too, telling 15-year-old Brennley Brown: 'We do take our work home, and we've been talking about you a lot.

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