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At this point, the "Fast and Furious" movies have become more than just an action-film franchise. As a result, "Furious 7" isn't so much about breaking new ground as it is about filling in all the blanks and checking off all the boxes in the most satisfying way possible.

Here's the thing, though: "Furious 7," formulaic or not, knows exactly what kind of movie it is. It is a comic-book franchise without the radioactive spider bite.

Ian is showing throwing a bomb and Hobbs appears to be blown away by the giant explosion and also falls from a tall building...suffering fewer injuries that you would probably expect.

More background on the villain is also provided, in the form of an altered line of dialogue.

By now, seven films in, we all should know how this little "Fast and Furious" dance will go.

"Furious 7," as the latest installment in the car-worship action franchise is titled, will feature over-the-top action sequences.

But, as everyone knows by now, "Furious 7" also is the last installment -- and, indeed, the last film, period -- that will feature Paul Walker, who died in a car crash away from the set while the production was on hiatus for Thanksgiving 2013.

It will feature ham-handed attempts at cheesy, meatheaded emotion.

And it will feature a vengeance-driven plot in which Vin Diesel and his "family" of fellow felons/street racers defy the odds -- and the laws of physics, on occasion -- in an effort to demonstrate their noble sense of loyalty to someone or another.

The results include a handful of scenes that suspiciously avoid a full-face shot of Walker (the minivan scene, the beach scene, the fight scene with Tony Jaa in an abandoned warehouse).

But if you didn't know Walker died before the end of production, you probably wouldn't suspect it from watching the film.

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