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Radiocarbon dating has shown that he died between 3,630 and 3,360BC – around 500 years before the first earthwork enclosure was built at Stonehenge.

The five structures were built based on archaeological evidence of houses found at Durrington Walls.

The Stonehenge part of the World Heritage Site covers 2,600 hectares (6,500 acres) of chalk downland and arable fields.

It’s an area seven-and-a-half times as big as Central Park in New York City.

One was held in particularly high regard by her community because she was buried with precious objects.

It wasn’t possible to use a real sarsen stone as there are none of the size used at Stonehenge left anywhere, and most natural sarsen spreads are protected by law today.

The guidebook regarded Stonehenge as one of the few ancient structures that survived the Old Testament flood.

You can see it in the exhibition at the visitor centre, and has kindly been lent by Julian Richards.

Radiocarbon dating has shown that these houses were inhabited for about 50-100 years in around 2,500 BC, exactly the time that the sarsen stones were being erected at Stonehenge.

The closeness of the dates raises the distinct possibility that the people who occupied the houses at Durrington were involved in the construction of the sarsen stone settings and in celebrations at Stonehenge.

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