Taeyeon and tiffany dating each other

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**reminder** that girls’ generation is one of the most important girl groups of all time because they broke the barrier of a male dominated industry, paved the way for girl groups to be popular in the public, showed that a girl group can have one of the strongest and largest fanclubs in the country, and won awards that are usually reserved for male groups Let’s start by talking about their “friend date”.

Many of us know that when Tae Ny goes out with each other, they always disguise themselves as ninjas with masks, hats, sunglasses, thick coats…There will be some people say that when they go out with other members, they also do the same things. Tae Ny went to Disneyland in Japan together, but no one knew.

It’s normal if she said that, but what Seohyun instinctively and little bit jealously replied made me think. Sooyoung used to say on Radio Star that she hoped Tae Ny would open up their heart more to other members.

She hoped Tae Ny wouldn’t try to suffer things alone, but sharing with people. I do believe Tae Ny is so different, but so magnetic.

I'm 2 years 'older' in Korea than in my home country.

Do not post sexual comments gujrat online dating idols.

Whenever it’s any special day, she says we need to make cupcakes.

We avoid what the other person dislikes and we know each other well.

But if I end up doing music like this, I’m not sure if I will be able to express it well. You know that the entertainment world is not simple as we think. It’s not like we give them love and money, they will send us back their love. (Laughs) So I think I end up moving my hands at least because of this. She tells me come do things while halfway making cupcakes. When she says we need to bake cookies, I bake it with her. No matter what, she says we need to do it together.

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