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It is said that her powers are linked directly to the violent nature of her mind, the reason behind why it had continued to grow over the years.According to Sayer, these powers are far much stronger than even she realizes, since he states them to be superior even to those of the Dark Signers.This exceptionally strong psionic ability enables her to materialize monsters and effects of Duel Monsters cards.While this psychic power is undefined in the Japanese version, in the dub, Commander Koda states that Akiza possesses telekinesis.Initially Akiza had little control of her incredibly strong telekinesis.She uses a special hairpin ("energy stabilizer" in the dub), to help restrain them.The full strength of her telekinetic abilities and potential is directly related to her psyche and tendency toward violence, weakening as her violent streak fades.

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When at school, she wears the Duel Academy girls uniform.She viewed everyone around her as her enemy and eventually stopped caring about other people's feelings.It wasn't until Sayer showed her compassion that Akiza began to have hope in her life again.This is because she wanted to protect her father from the serious great harm that would have occurred from her inability to control her psionic abilities.Akiza originally despised her Mark of the Dragon, believing it to be the cause of her unwanted power and even noted it as a "wretched mark." She later changed her opinion after her second Duel with Yusei, who believed it to have brought the other Signers together as friends.

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