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For one mum, finding condoms in her son’s bedroom made her confront the issue sooner than she expected.But after the initial shock, her discovery led to a much more liberal approach. My son — the child who squabbles with his sister over the wifi — is having sex.

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Wheeler, who will remain on the Sex Offenders' Register for life, abused two 13-year-old friends after making contact with them through an internet chat room.

Here she explains how she agreed to let her 15-year-old have sex under her roof. I was stunned but, as reality lodged in my head, not surprised. ” Sensing I was on dangerous ground, I said: “So we can warn other boys there’s a vampire about.” He smiled and accepted my suggestion that it was a “casual” smooch at a party.

I KNEW Tom drank at parties, which didn’t delight me. The signs had been flashing neon, I’d just ignored them. Not in a Jack-the-lad way — they talked, enjoyed each other’s company. When I saw a purple bruise on his neck, I convinced myself it was from football. I’d argued with my husband that at this age they weren’t interested in the hassle of going all the way.

I don’t want him lying to us, or feeling aggrieved.

CHILD therapist and media personality professor TANYA BYRON, says: THE thing to remember is that it is illegal for children under 16 to have sex.

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