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While eating lunch in his base's mess hall, he was reading the U. military bulletin and came across a single paragraph on the riots.Though he couldn't talk about this news with anyone, he decided that, if he made it back to the States, he'd come out.

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The air conditioning is just as appealing as the black leather chaps.She left the convent and came out a few weeks later.The program concludes and is followed by a woman with a booming voice talking about "the warriors of Christ arising...." I turn off the radio and think about how on June 16, 1977, almost 9,000 LGBT people and straight allies marched through Houston to protest an appearance by the notoriously anti-gay Anita Bryant.We take a break to play a round of pool before walking across the street to JR's (yes, there is a chain of gay bars across Texas inspired by the '80s television show Dallas) to see yet another drag show. As the day and evening have progressed, I've transitioned from a state of curiosity to amused awe at Houston's impressive gay scene to full-on glee.The thought of all my friends warning me to "be careful" going down South makes me want to giggle.

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    They can be replaced any time due to the fact that their jobs are easy and can be finished by average people. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 36 to 43 with the exact words you have just heard.

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